Software & Data

QP and QCQP Models of the Paper "Strictly and Γ-Robust Counterparts of Electricity Market Models: Perfect Competition and Nash--Cournot Equilibria"

GitHub: m-schmidt-math-opt/robust-electricity-market-equilibria

GasLib - A library of gas network instances

GasLib is a collection of gas network instances for optimization. Its goal is to promote research on gas networks by providing a set of large and realistic benchmark instances.

LaMaTTO++ - A Framework for Modeling and Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems on Networks

Within the ForNe project we develop code for modeling and solving mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems on gas networks. For more details on this software project, see here.

A Bit Commitment Scheme Based on Diophantine Approximation

In Using the Inhomogenous Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation Problem for Cryptographic Design, Frederik Armknecht, Carsten Elsner and me constructed a bit commitment scheme based on the above-named problem from analytic number theory.

An object oriented C++ implementation of the bit commitment scheme can be downloaded here. For the arbitrary precision arithmetic used in the scheme, you need the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library and the The GNU MPFR Library (maybe you have to adapt the Makefile according to your library installations).

If you find any bugs or if you think that something can be handled in a smarter way than I did, please let me now (

A Bit Commitment Scheme Based on Diophantine Approximation - CrypTool 2 Integration

The above mentioned bit commitment scheme is also integrated into the well-known open-source e-learning application CryptTool 2 (since its beta 5 release). You can download the latest release here.